These two hand studies, done entirely in ballpoint pen, are now available for purchase as high quality prints.


Artist & Illustrator:

Alexandra Levasseur

"Burning Hands"

11” x 19.5”

Acrylic & Colored Pencils on Paper


of course they’ll notice


Concept for an oc i’m using for pixfan.
Named her Minerva and she’s generally a slightly chubby and very angry head of hair


Cleaned up convention sketches.
I Avatarded some characters. That was fun! And Jasper preening… =u=

Alex belongs to Xhakhal


And we finally have a painted version of the Yuzuki Yukari figure shown at this past Wonderfest 2013! No news on preorders or price yet.

can my parents stop having fucking sex while i’m sitting right by the goddamn door because that’s where my computer spot is

go d fucking damn i wanted to fucking DRAW

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